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"For me, pride is less about the outcome and more about who I become in the process of reaching that goal."  - Sarah x

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Hi, I’m Sarah,


A Professional Leadership Coach, facilitator, writer, and lover of intimate conversations.

I have been coaching for 11 years with over 3000+ hours of experience working with founders, senior leaders at some of the largest global organizations, and folks who value coaching and love to flourish.

People often say, "Sarah, you have such great energy."

This hasn’t always been the case.

I was bullied, had trouble keeping friends, and grew up around alcoholism. These experiences were devastating and left my confidence in tatters.

I looked so great on the outside, but inside I felt at odds with the woman I thought I was and wanted to be.

Do you ever feel that the YOU inside and the YOU outside don’t match?

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Boring is


Saying “I’m sorry” too much.

Buying your wardrobe from Kohl's.

Needing a 5 year plan.

Pretending you can avoid difficult conversations.

Trying to control everything.

Bold is


Sharing your ideas.

Wearing the double-breasted, bubblegum pink suit.

Listening to the whispers and creating adventures.

Shaking your butt in Target when you hear "Sexy Thing."

Saying, “I’m struggling a bit this morning. How about you?”

You’re the best Life Coach I know, and I’ve met a lot.

- Mel Blackburn

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Your blog is so much more than an email. It's a dose of practical perspective that's intimate and beautiful and makes me rethink my life. I feel more capable, more free thanks to your words, Sarah.

- Heather Parady

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Nov 29, 2023

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Nov 16, 2023

I love your blog. It's so relatable & refreshing. I look forward to reading it every week.

- Jessica Rubie

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Your coaching has provided me more opportunities and growth than I could have ever imagined.

- Myiesha McCrary

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