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Please Stop Saying This Sep 13, 2021

In the last week have you said any version of the following?


I'm sorry. I've taken up way too much of your time.

I didn't mean to ramble on.

I just talked a lot. I hope I made sense.

- Wow, did anything I say make sense?

- You're welcome (after feeling like...

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COVID in Texas Aug 30, 2021

I’m back from Texas.


What a trip.


We were literally greeted at the airport with Covid. My in-laws had it and didn’t realize, and tested positive three days later.


Austin woke up with all the symptoms on the fourth day.


It’s said that how you perform...

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A Story About Being More of Me Jun 15, 2021

On the day of the 2016 election, I wrote a blog that I was advised by someone I trusted to hold back on submitting because it was controversial.

In hindsight, I listened too much to this person and not enough to my own voice.

I shared that I was turned off by how fellow women in the coaching...

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