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Please Stop Saying This

In the last week have you said any version of the following?


I'm sorry. I've taken up way too much of your time.

I didn't mean to ramble on.

I just talked a lot. I hope I made sense.

- Wow, did anything I say make sense?

- You're welcome (after feeling like you’ve talked too much).


Please STOP apologizing for who you are.

Please STOP inferring that your opinions, your insights, your ramblings don't matter.

Please STOP undermining your brilliance, your presence, your impact.




TRUST yourself.

TRUST your voice.

TRUST that you are making a contribution.

TRUST that when you're using your voice it isn't all about you.


You were born to take up space. It's your God-given right. If you don't, how does the woman next to you know she can, too? This isn't about you and your discomfort. It's about giving women a voice because when we feel our feelings, especially anger, grief and rage, boy, is the world in for a change.


This week, when you're asking for help, or, calling a friend/colleague to connect, DO NOT apologize for how you talked.

Who are you to judge to yourself?




1. Acknowledge your desire to apologize.

2. Share how much you have loved the conversation.

3. Trust that what happened between you was great. 


I've been working on this for a while now and I feel more comfortable in my own skin because "sorry" actually means something.


How did this message help you?



Sarah x, 


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