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COVID in Texas

I’m back from Texas.


What a trip.


We were literally greeted at the airport with Covid. My in-laws had it and didn’t realize, and tested positive three days later.


Austin woke up with all the symptoms on the fourth day.


It’s said that how you perform in crisis is a measure of your character. Well, my character was a basket-case when I realized Austin was sick.


I felt deadly tired on the fifth day. A sure sign I thought I had it.


We quarantined in a family friend’s camper.


For about two of those days I watched our sixteen day vacation, that we had worked hard to have, slip away.


I was sad, angry, disappointed.


Preston, Austin and I tested negative every day for five days and decided, on the sixth day, we were safe to re-emerge.


Maybe we had a bug from traveling?


We were able to extend our vacation by a week and have that holiday feeling.


We lounged by the pool, baked in the Texas heat, and I have the fabulous tan lines to show for it - tan lines really, genuinely make me feel like I have accomplished something - did some shopping, and relaxed into a slower pace of living.


Preston gets three weeks of holidays every year.


Never did I imagine that we could take a three-week vacation and leave Preston with nothing for another twelve months.


The extra week was unpaid, which we were more than grateful about.


That’s the funny thing about my imagination. It can often be limited. The whole make-a-plan-and-god-laughs truth. I experience it often.


When I look back in my life, I’m often delighted to see that things worked out better than I could have imagined.


I don’t want to know how my life is going to transpire. The unknowing is the magic.


I want you to remember that what you think is impossible or unlikely is just as possible and just as likely if you’ll ebb and flow with the rhythm of what’s in front of you.


Last note; we fought for that extra week. I had to use my voice with Preston to say I wanted it. I had to overcome my own doubts of wanting too much, of worrying what my clients will think. Preston had to overcome his doubts of being cheeky to even ask. We had to pay extra money to change our flights. We had to ok it with Preston’s sister and brother in law who we were staying with who have busy lives and a kid starting kindergarten.


The unexpected didn’t fall in our laps. It was there for the taking with a little intention and effort and heart.


Delight in your life.


With Love,

Sarah x