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Are you Too Hard on Yourself?


At some point In most coaching calls I utter the words, "Sounds like you're being hard on yourself and that there's room to go easy."

Goooo eaaasssy.

Say it again, nice and slow.

I said to Preston that I do most everything with force. I even realized that I wipe myself after weeing quite hard.

Good Lord, where will it end?

Then I come back to the ol' adage I believe in; How we do anything is how we do everything.

It's not that I don't understand how to be gentle. I do.

It's that there is room for way more of it.

More ease. More deep breathing. More surrender. More God. More stretching. More laughter. More orgasms. More travel. More openness. More meditation. More pump it up sessions. More sitting quietly. More pleasure. More acceptance.

Less squinting. Less scrolling. Less checking the apps, dings and emails. Less clenched jaw. Less tightness in my shoulders. Less thoughts running through my brain. Less worrying about what other people will think. Less judgment. Less gripping on for dear life. Less tiredness.

Can you relate?

I know that you struggle to be you; to trust yourself, to feel unbridled, to share yourself more freely.

Me too.

Just like you,

I am insecure and confident.

I am gentle and forceful.

I am open and closed off.

I am grateful and reaching.

I am trusting and full of doubts.

That's how I am supposed to be. That's how you're supposed to be.

Welcome to your humanity.

There is nothing wrong with you.  

What if the only struggle was how you see yourself?

Remember, we don't see ourselves as we are. We do not live in the real world. We live in a real world.

Here's a tip to go easy.

See your struggle as an adventure worth exploring vs. a struggle that has to change.

Remember there are no should's - a helpful blog for you about dropping the word should.

Marvel at what you can learn with wonder and delight.

Watch a short, example from me of how wonder and delight actually works. 

I love you. I see you. Go easy.


Sarah x