Are you struggling to go after what you really want?

because you don't believe in yourself or believe it is possible?

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What do you think is stopping your confidence?


Do you want to stop overthinking, and second-guessing yourself?

Do you find yourself worrying about what other people think?

Do you tell yourself, "I don't have time," when it comes to making time for you?

Do you get caught up doing for others and lose yourself in the process?


If you answered YES to ANY of these questions then our Full of Herself Membership might be for you!


Walk away strutting more confidence than J.Lo and Shakira at their Super Bowl performances


“After finishing the Pump Up Session, I'd believe anything is possible." 

- Alissa Mann

"As weird as it sounds, after attending the pump-up sessions, I feel like I can tackle the world and I feel badass."

- Camille Douglas

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Stop Trying to Figure Sh*t Out 


Included in this membership:

  • Two pump-up sessions every month
  • A one-hour coaching circle each month
  • Regular guest teachers to expose you to different healing modalities
  • An opportunity to meet other amazing women in this special community 


It's a mid-week pause to reflect on how you're feeling, celebrate you, and to get clarity on how to best focus on what you need.


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Simply said, it's an interactive confidence workshop.

One of our members described it this way:

The Pump Up Session is a midweek boost to invest time in yourself. We all know we plough through the week trying to get things done. It's a no judgement zone that gives you the freedom to express yourself.

Imagine a fully curated mini-retreat where you re-set your thoughts and walk away feeling lighter, revved up, and focused on what matters. Together we will breathe, scream, dance, journal, share, and bear witness to thought-provoking insights.



Included in this membership there is a Coaching Circle each month. As your coach and champion, I will ask a series of powerful questions and open it up for sharing. It's about trusting your approach to the question, trying out your ideas, learning from members, feeling the safety and intimacy of the group, and getting more confident with yourself and your voice. Expect guest speakers and coaching tools I share with private clients. This is a chance to get up close and personal with me for a fraction of the cost.

“I loved attending your Pump Up Session! Doing the different vocal and movement-centered exercises was freeing. I also appreciate the change in pace from exercise to exercise. And I absolutely loved that you incorporated journaling into the session! The overall session felt like the perfect mid-day pick-me-up!"

- Lauren Miller

Guest Teachers

We make it a point to invite different guest teachers who are unbelievably talented in their specialized fields. Imagine burlesque classes, hypnotherapy, breath work, and theta healing, to name a few.

The membership is a one-stop shop for exposing you to unique experiences.

We want to get you out of your head and into your body because, quite frankly, words are often insufficient for what we need to express. We also want you to hear from different experts because we all learn differently. 

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Hi, I’m Sarah!


Back in 2013, I attended an Oprah event.

As I was leaving, I came across a group of people dancing in the hallway. I immediately imagined myself dancing right alongside them without a care in the world.

However, every time I had the urge to join in I found myself stuck on the sidelines.

I couldn't seem to get into that circle and dance.

Thoughts kept running through my head like, what will people think? maybe I’m not as good a dancer as I think I am, will I look silly, ok, I’ll go in a minute. 

The longer I waited the harder it became. 

I never got into that circle. 

We all experience our own versions of that circle regularly; leaning into a difficult conversation, taking time for yourself, saying no.

We all know the moment where we can dive in, and instead we pull back.

I started the Full of Herself Membership to help each of us be bold, and develop the skills to get into the circle.

Learn More About Me


You can cancel anytime. We won't ask any questions.

Stop and start your membership as you please.

We give you your first week for FREE applied AUTOMATICALLY. Easy peezy.


We don't expect you to make every call. Phew! We've set this up so you can attend when it makes sense for your schedule while still prioritizing this experience for you and your fellow members.

We have also built in rest and integration periods, which are necessary for us to thrive. For that reason there will be no live calls in July and December.

"It's a reminder, once a week, that I matter."

- Current Member

Let's Recap...


Are you in need of a mid-week reset?


A reason to pause, to BREATHE, reflect, think about what you crave, need less of and more of?


A place to re-charge and re-focus?


Are you craving a community of women who model intimacy and depth and fun?


Do you want to be bolder with your life?


Are you ready to receive  world-class coaching by a Master Coach at an affordable price?


If you answered YES.. try us for a free week...

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 Frequently Asked Questions


The Pump Up session lifted my energy for the moment and it also stayed with me for the rest of the week. I kept hearing the “pump it up” song in my head and it made me smile. This was a great reminder to step away from my everyday busy life to lift myself up before I continue on with the never-ending to-do lists of life.

— Amanda M. Galvan, LPC Director of Student Success - Texas A&M University

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