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Stop Living in the Present

I know that you’re energized by the idea of growth.

You like the idea of living into your potential, and as one client, Nina, put it this morning “opening myself up more to life.”

In order to grow, to live into your potential, to fully experience the awe and wonder of life, you have to develop self awareness.

To know what motivates you, what you’re afraid of; to take responsibility, to be accountable.

Here’s a nugget about how to do that even better.


For most of us, living in the present is a disaster.

These are the words of the Father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman. I attended one of his lectures this week, and his words stopped me in my tracks. 

Stop living in the present? That’s all I hear about.

As I started to ponder this idea, here’s why I believe this message adds up.

We’re all yearning for agency, which is perhaps the underbelly of personal development. 

Agency is described as a belief that I can accomplish good things in the world. 

Agency correlates to progress, to heightened well-being in all areas of life.

Lack of agency correlates to stagnation.

Agency is comprised of three building-blocks.

The first is efficacy - the belief that “I can accomplish a goal now.” 

The second is optimism - the belief that “I can accomplish this goal in the future.” 

The third is imagination - the belief that “There are different possibilities, a whole range of scenarios for how I might accomplish my goals. I even have a whole range of goals.”

In short, being present-minded is one barrier to optimism and imagination.

To use our imaginations means we innovate, we try, we are resilient. We can’t be innovative, try and fail, and bounce back solely in the present.

Furthermore, I started thinking about my own life. Knowing that I’m going on holiday to Florida in January is bringing me so much joy. The anticipation is wondrous. There is nothing more wonderful than having something to look forward to, something to aim for. Not to escape life, not to hurry it along, but to enrich what already exists. 

Covid has been disastrous for so many of us because that sense of future has been removed, shortened.

Living in the present is starting to sound less and less appealing, and unrealistic, for how we are wired.

I’ll also add that practices to stay in the present such as meditation and mindfulness are wonderful prescriptions for anxiety and coming back home to ourselves (self awareness). 

Living in the present is an incomplete story. 

Let’s start enjoying the joys of the future.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know.


With Love,

Sarah x


P.S. Happy Holidays to you. This will be my last blog of the year as I enjoy two weeks with my beloved family.

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