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These Things are Lighting me Up


I’m really getting into spiritual/christian music and I love Goodness of God by Cece Winans. 

I was belting it out, over and over again while working at The Union Jack (our short term rental house) a few weeks ago. I even called my cousin who is a professional singer to ask her to give me singing lessons so I could nail this song.

I’ve listened to lots of versions and this one does it for me. I've been using it in the Pump Up Sessions and it has moved many of us.

Secondly, this article about Imposter Syndrome is changing the way I think about leadership. Did you know that Imposter Syndrome was never exclusively a women’s issue?! It was just as prevalent in men.

A Brene Brown podcast on this very subject also makes me ask if I am a Women’s Leadership Coach or simply a Leadership Coach? Great listen for all of us as we consider gender, bias, and belonging.

Lastly, I listened to this great interview with Dr. Srikumar Rao, who I had never heard of and who has a rich background in personal transformation. 

Dr. Rao is deeply spiritual and he brought me a great sense of perspective and calm. He brought my worries and negative chatter into focus. He tells a great story about “Good thing, bad thing, who knows,” (tune in for more), and I love the story about the toddler learning to walk. 

Essentially he says, imagine if, when a toddler is learning to walk, we stood around and said, “Poor him. He’s failing. He’s falling down. He must be so depressed. Let’s get him counseling.” He shared this perspective in the context of failure. When thinking about a toddler learning to walk this talk sounds absurd. He’s not failing. He’s learning. He’s right on target. Yet, as adults, this is how we interact with failure. Seriously, a great listen all around.

Here’s to being full of ourselves with awesome resources like these.


Shoot me an email with a tool/resource/favorite product that’s lighting you up. I wanna know!


Much Love,

Sarah x


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