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I was Told I was Crazy

Five years ago, I was launching a live event.

As part of the marketing, I decided to create a video to Adele's song, Hello, using my own lyrics.

Watch it here.

At the time, I was part of a high-end mastermind group and the lovely man leading the charge saw my video and said, "Er, no. You need to come up with a professional sales video that tells a story. People who don't know you won't have any context for this type of video. It will be totally out of place at the top of a sales page."

Like a good student, I set about creating a thought-out sales video.

It turned out to be a valuable exercise because I learned a lot about the sales process and crafting that product. It also was a huge step away from my creativity.

Given his feedback, I was a little embarrassed about my video. Perhaps it was silly.

I want to be clear about one thing.

There is no right or wrong decision; no good or bad idea. 

I willingly listened to a suggestion to make a sales video that gave me valuable insight. I’m happy I listened.

I also know that I love(d) my video, which I ended up sharing as a part of my marketing efforts. 


Because it was me. Because I had a creative spark and I had the courage to follow it; because I practiced and practiced my little song that made sense to me; because I didn't know if people would get it and I did it anyway; because I had had Austin, my son, less than 6 months earlier and even though my hair was still falling out and super frizzy I showed up as best I could; because we didn't have the perfect background and I said it's not important; because Preston was holding the camera just right while balancing on the couch; because we took I-dont-know-how-many-shots and we didn't give up; because we made it together and we had fun; because it wasn't professional; because I felt so alive while singing my heart out; because I wasn't silencing my own voice.

I know what I’m sharing is a tiny example.

Remember this; If we can’t show up as ourselves in the tiniest of moments, we won’t be ready for the big moments when they come.

And, by the way, our lives are lived in the tiniest of moments. The big moments are much more fleeting.

Don’t betray your creative ideas. 

Don’t betray yourself.

When we create for approval we give away our worthiness. 

To stay emotionally sober I have to create for myself first. 

I do this by returning to my most favorite question, What do I think? I just got this question tattooed on my arm. My first tattoo! Follow me on Insta to check out similar cool updates.

If I am proud of it, excited by it, maybe others will be too. Maybe they won't. Either way, the creative process is my reward.

Stay true to that spark inside of you, , and notice how alive you feel.

Lastly, big shout out to Camille, for joining the Pump It Up Membership last week. Grateful to have you and support  you in learning to trust yourself and being less afraid of what you want. If you’ve been checking out the Membership, come and join us. 

Sarah xxx

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