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Your Boss Doesn't Have the Power you Think

We forget that we are the most powerful person in our lives.

We forget that our opinion about ourselves is the one that matters most.

We give so much power to our bosses trying to please them and bend to them, because *we think* they are responsible for our future. *We think* that our promotion rests with this one person, so we shape-shift in order to fit the profile of who they want us to be.

In the process, we forget who we are.

Not because we're bad but because our conditioning is false.

You are the one who holds all of the power. You always did. You always will.

Sure, you might want the promotion so you do what is necessary to get it, and always with the conscious awareness of what you're gaining and sacrificing. You're not playing the game as some people like to say. You're playing your game. A game you understand enough about to maintain your integrity. 

Don't be confused about who holds the keys to your future. And, if you are and want continuous support to get rooted in your truth, join us in The Full of Herself Membership. 

Here's to the best you that ever was,

Sarah x