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You're Focusing on the Wrong Thing

My coach told me today, "Your plan sucks."

Not because my plan actually sucks but because I had the audacity to believe that my life is actually about my plan. 

It's not. My life is about God's plan.

My best possible scenario on any given day is to do everything I can to feel joyful and ALLOW my life to unfold. 

That isn't to say that I don't make plans. I do. So do you.

The difference is we focus on the desire not the outcome. We don't give up, we give it up, meaning the plan and the goal. 

I've started to feel tight around the progression of my business. I have big goals for this year and I'm starting to feel as though it's all on my shoulders. I want to focus less on the growth plan and more on the ideas that feel joyful and creative so I leave room for God to work his magic. 

I'm giving myself lots and lots of room to reflect, journal, breathe, and meditate.


And, as my coach reminded me, my plans suck anyway. Ha!


I love you.

Sarah x