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You Need To Be *More* Self-Centered

"The most loving person is the person that is self-centered." Neale Donald Walsch writes this in his book, Conversations with God, and I completely agree.


Yet, it's the exact opposite of what we have been taught. The same goes for being full of ourselves and bragging.


To be self-centered commonly means that we are miserly, mean and short-sighted. We're out to get rather than give, and we make it all about us without concern or care for others.


Think about this. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love another. And, you can only love another to the degree to which you love yourself.


If you don't take the time to love yourself and develop a relationship with yourself that matters, what kind of a life are you living?


Everything surely suffers including your lover, colleagues, money, health, spiritual life, children etc. In short, everything and everyone is robbed of the opportunity for you to be a vehicle for good, for change, and for love.


That's why being full of ourselves and being self-centered are acts of humility.


They require you to see and honor your gifts. You are bursting with gifts and the highest, best thing you can do with your life is to share them.


Hiding from your gifts is more about taking than giving and why you feel regret, overwhelm, stressed, antsy and disillusioned.


Most women find it hard to brag and center themselves in their lives in a way that begets pride, passion and magnetism. They haven't been given permission to do so.


Well I'm here to give you permission. The compliment I receive most consistently is, "Sarah, I love your energy."


Why? Because I have centered myself in my life. I know that if nothing is right with me, I can't see what's working because it feels like everything has gone to hell in a hand-basket.


I have to prioritize the work of centering into myself so I can give freely and abundantly, and to find peace with everything that is put on my path. When I feel centered, I'm much less likely to tip off my beam and get into my wild and crazy thinking.


Being self-centered has changed my life for the better because there is nothing more rewarding than building an intimate relationship with myself. I no longer have to deny or hide from hard truths. I can face them and *trust myself* to keep moving forward with integrity. Let me tell you, that makes for a damn good life!


Book a free coaching session with me today if you're ready to be audacious and join the self-centered club. You'll take back control of who you are and want you want more of and i'll be right alongside you cheering you on and sharing the tools and strategies to be successful.


It's time to stop fixing yourself and start feeling full of yourself.


With Love,

Sarah x