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You Need a Better Plan

Did you know that a 5 year plan hurts more people than it helps?

In my experience, I see this to be true.

Younger people especially, aged twenty to thirty, that I coach, have the need for a plan. (If you're not in this age range, keep reading)

They say things like, I need to be prepared for my next job, my next promotion. How do we do that?;  What is my 5 year plan and how do we start shaping it?; I have no idea what I'm doing next. Help!; By the time I'm 30, I'll be at this point, doing x; What's the right decision?

That said, everyone I've ever worked with is seduced by a plan.


A plan = control.

A plan = safety.

A plan = predictability.

Who doesn't want to feel in control, safe, and have a dose of predictability? It's tranquilizing and energizing to not have to participate fully.

The truth is, life can't be controlled, is unsafe in the sense that we don't know what's going to happen next, and, therefore, unpredictable.

To think otherwise is to refuse to accept life on life's terms. I know, such devastating news.

This is why vulnerability is so important. It's the inherent practice of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

A plan is seductive.

If I was going to say this bluntly, I would say, Bitch, you have no idea what's going to happen next week, let alone in five years. Stop worrying about the plan.

- Four years ago, I would never have imagined that I would be living in Columbus, OH. Columbus wasn't even on my radar.

- One year ago, I had never heard of the carnivore diet. Yet, here I am, 9 months later, eating carnivore-ish, feeling strong, and exploring what my body needs.

- Two months ago, I had no clue that I would commit to writing my book this year.

- Four weeks ago, I didn't know that yesterday I would completely change my coaching schedule to only coach two days a week, to make room for other needs.

I know you're getting this.

I do believe that a spiritual life, whatever that means for you, helps to let go of the plan.

There's value in a plan. No question.

The important thing is that you are flexible in its' pursuit.

Make plans, look to the future. Those are necessary to your survival and to thrive.

Don't carve out a plan because you're trying to avoid the adventure of life.

Don't carve out a plan because you're trying to mitigate risk.

Don't carve out a plan because you're trying to mine certainty out of life.

When bumps arrive, you won't be nearly as resilient because your plan didn't account for them.

I'm speaking here to intention, to motivation. 

Ask yourself, What is the reason I want to have a plan?

Answering with, Because that's what responsible people do, does not cut the mustard. This is a myth.

Create a plan because it's great to have something to aim for.

Create a plan and expect lots of detours.

Create a plan, then tweak it, update it, and maybe even abandon it all together.

Self awareness is key. Know what works for you. Poke holes in your ideas to get closer to understanding your motivation. 

Remember, there is no right answer, decision, job. Only what's right for you.

Nobody made the rules on how you're supposed to live. You get to decide. 

Your Coach,

Sarah x

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