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Why Talk Therapy Isn't Enough

Learning doesn't come from experience. It comes from reflecting on the experience.

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is most attributed to John Dewey although he doesn't actually write these words verbatim in any of his texts.

Becoming a coach for BetterUp taught me the importance of reflection. Reflecting on where we've been, to help us understand where to go, is pivotal to the journey. 

You can't get where you're going if you only sit back and reflect quietly. Your body houses your emotions so you have to get your body involved.

Thus, reflection is best when it's active. Write down your thoughts, dance, walk, flail, jump, stretch, take a shower, tap, do some breath work. 

Let me be clear about talking. It's not enough to talk about your thoughts. Your self awareness will be more limited if that's your only outlet.

While talking has many benefits, it's not a solution by itself. It keeps you in your mind and, let's face it, your brain needs a break. Thanks, G, for that phrasing.

Have your coaching/therapy/12 step meeting/pump up session be the catalyst for active reflection so you can bring even more insight into your next session. The magic happens in between sessions when you are testing out new ideas. If you rely on the session for your growth, you're robbing yourself of half of the opportunity in front of you.

The session itself is designed to keep you accountable, peel back another layer, and keep you pointed in your direction.