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Why do I Always Want to be the Best?

I have felt worried about all of my upcoming speaking events.

Getting what I want doesn't mean it's easy.


In my journal, I asked myself, What is the worst thing that could happen? What am I most worried about?

Here was my answer...

That I would finish speaking and nobody would say, "Wow, Sarah you were the best."


The moment I wrote it, I laughed.

I couldn't wait to share it with Preston. 

We both laughed, a lot.

To see and hear the absurdity of my answer brought levity to my system.


I'm learning a new way of being. 

I'm learning in real time that it's not my job to please everyone.

I'm learning to trust that my presence will touch the right people.

I'm learning humility; to be full of myself enough that someone else's opinion of me doesn't change how I feel about myself. 

I'm learning how to show up in a way that's sustainable and fun.

I've always wanted to be the best. 

I brag that sometimes I am and I brag that sometimes I'm not.


Being the best can no longer be my north star. Being my best can.


I can't access these insights about myself without consistently doing my work just like we do in the Full of Herself Membership. Join us if you need a place to understand who you really are.


With Love,

Sarah x 

p.s. please forward this to a friend who needs to hear she isn't the only one struggling.