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What Sparked my Creativity?

Last week I shared a beautifully, moving excerpt about journaling and the power of creative expression. Read it here.

Last weekend we drove to State College in Pennsylvania to take our son, Austin, to a BMX and Skateboarding park that is pro-level. We had an awesome getaway.

Austin was beyond pumped to test out his skills and ride for almost 5 hours straight.

We all had fun walking through Penn State campus which we found to be quite beautiful. We found creamy ice-cream which I think rivals Graeter's and Jeni's, walked through a lovely arboretum, sun-bathed, ate dinner, and generally enjoyed the change of scenery.

When I got home, I felt the urge to re-do our living room. If you know me you know I love a home project and have a real knack for making a house a home. 

On Sunday, I was at Home Depot buying the paint sample I chose about 6 months ago and painting commenced in full force yesterday.

This got me thinking. 

What sparks your creativity? 

I knew immediately that the time away unleashed that urge within me. That, and knowing I was off yesterday and all of next week helped, too.

What is creativity to you?

What activities do you love?

What unleashes it?

What is its purpose in your life?

Do you have enough creativity?

Do you want more of it?

What becomes possible when you get creative? 

Grab your journal and answer these questions.

As with everything in life creativity can be found in the tiniest of moments, and the largest.

Try free-styling a song with your kid, wearing a new color that "isn't you," laughing when you would usually be serious, saying yes when you want to say no. Your options to get creative are endless.

Maybe you can organize your tupperware drawer in a way you never have.

Your version of creativity is what makes you, you. Unleash her.


Sarah x