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What Makes You Feel Proud?

As I come to the end of 2022 and intentionally nest as winter invites me to do, I feel so proud of who I've been this year.


  • I feel proud that I noticed the opportunity to buy a lake house and I leaned into it by trusting myself financially and spiritually. I believe that I allowed that lake house to find me. As someone who knows how to push, I am tickled pink that I have an experience filled with ease and miracles to draw on.                                                        
  • I am proud that I have felt uncomfortable in many ways this year and still had the courage to move forwards. Whether it was saying yes to a speaking event, signing up to take a service position in my 12 step group, or working through my feelings when I felt irritated to learn what was going on with me, I showed up with integrity. I relish that feeling.                                     
  • I am proud that I fostered more community - both personal and professional - than ever this year and I showed up for the people that matter to me. I also welcomed a few more into the group.


What are you proud of?

Please take time to answer this question and celebrate yourself.

You're worthy of a lot of celebration. 


Happy, Happy Holidays until the New Year.


With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. Please forward this to one of your friends who would love to celebrate herself.