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What Keeps you Confused?

I'm excited to share this blog with you.

Before we begin, please reply to this email and send a very lovely member of this community, Monica, a big ol' congratulations, a big high five, a big hug. I'll forward your message to her.

Monica had the opportunity to be interviewed on the news in the UK about an article she wrote that got some great press. She declined because she didn't feel comfortable being on camera; being seen and judged. Can you relate?

I encouraged Monica to join The Full of Herself Membership (formerly The Pump it up Membership), so she could experience being on camera regularly, and experiment with using her voice.

Monica joined, felt nervous, spoke anyway, shared that she was nervous, loved it, and contributed such a lot by doing so.

I can't wait to see how Monica grows and shapes our sessions. I am so moved by you, Monica. Thanks for being you. Here's to being on TV one day and feeling like you belong (enough).

Ok, blog time.

A friend sent me a passage from an app called The Language of Letting go this week - it's a recovery app - and I knew immediately it had to be the blog.

Thanks Di. I love you so.

How much do you trust yourself?

Trust can be one of the most confusing concepts in [life].

Who do we trust? For what?

The most important trust issue we face is learning to trust ourselves.

The most detrimental thing that’s happened to us is that we came to believe we couldn’t trust ourselves. There will be some who tell us we cannot trust ourselves, we are off base and out of whack. There are those who would benefit by our mistrusting ourselves.

Fear and doubt are our enemies. Panic is our enemy. Confusion is our opposition.

Self-trust is a healing gift we can give ourselves. How do we acquire it? We learn it.

What do we do about our mistakes, about those times we thought we could trust ourselves but were wrong? We accept them, and trust ourselves anyway. We know what is best for us. We know what is right for us. If we are wrong, if we need to change our mind, we will be guided into that—but only by trusting where we are today.

We can look to others for support and reinforcement, but trust in ourselves is essential.

Do not trust fear. Do not trust panic.

We can trust ourselves, stand in our own truth, stand in our own light. We have it now. Already. We have all the light we need for today. And tomorrow’s light shall be given to us then.

Trust ourselves, and we will know whom to trust. Trust ourselves, and we will know what to do.

When we feel we absolutely cannot trust ourselves, trust that God will guide us into truth.

God, help me let go of fear, doubt, and confusion—the enemies of self-trust. Help me go forward in peace and confidence. Help me grow in trust for myself and You, one day at a time, one experience at a time.

My favorite line is, confusion is our opposition. What keeps me confused? Not trusting myself.

My second favorite line? If we are wrong, if we need to change our mind, we will be guided into that—but only by trusting where we are today. I can't know if my best decision will actually be the best. And truthfully, the decision I make is always the best if I take the opportunity to learn from it. As this line says, confusion only separates me further from myself, which is of my own doing, and if I need to change my mind, I will be guided into that if I trust where I am today.

Hit reply, send me your favorite line, and how Monica inspired you.

With Love,

Sarah x