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What I Apologized For This Week

This week I apologized to Preston. 


I was busy telling him all of the ways he wasn't living up to my expectations and I was disappointed in him when he didn't agree with my point of view. 


In the 12 step rooms we talk about the importance of attraction rather than promotion. This is code for more being and less telling.


Who we are and how we move through our moments is more likely to attract what we want versus telling people what we want or how to behave. 


Our son is being a little plucky as of late, thinking he rules the roost, testing out so many boundaries. I'm busy telling him what is ok and what is not about his behavior. Some of that is appropriate. And, in this moment, I'm wondering if I've forgotten that who I'm being sends the biggest message. Am I demonstrating the behavior I want to see in him? Sometimes, yes. And sometimes, I'm throwing an equally big tantrum because I'm not getting my way either. 


Just for today, let's practice keeping the focus on ourselves and paying attention to who we're being. With curiosity, let's see what we're attracting into our lives. Let's build our self-awareness and self-acceptance by giving ourselves grace.


The work never stops.


You got this.


With Love,

Sarah x