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woman hugging herself

What Happened For me Today?

Here are a few truths about my life today: 

- I'm typing this while sat in my bra and jeans. I just threw off the lovely sweater I treated myself to on Friday because it's a chilly-in-the-morning and warmer-in-the-afternoon fall day here in Columbus.


- Throwing off my jumper felt like a metaphor for throwing off my day. I've experienced a wide range of emotions today including fear, powerlessness, freedom, overwhelm, frustration, positive expectation, appreciation and anger. I haven't lost myself in these emotions, and I haven't exactly enjoyed my day. I have kept a sense of perspective and attended to the next thing of front of me. I'll take that as a win. 


I treated myself to said sweater because, this month, I have made the most amount of money I've ever made in over ten years of being in business for myself. While I feel joy, it also feels like exactly what I'm supposed to be receiving. Interestingly enough, the latter feels more exhilarating than the former.


- With the book launch approaching-both the party and the pre-order sale-I have felt stressed about the details. I've been exploring packaging options and costs, domestic shipping costs, international delivery options, how to order book copies to have on hand, how are we going to surprise and delight readers etc? Getting what we want doesn't mean it's easy. I'm seeing my reactions as an opportunity to grow into another level of spiritual maturity.


- While there are lots of details to attend to, I am incredibly content and grateful with how my life feels. I like the rhythm of my days, which I have intentionally crafted. I like the number of clients I'm working with. I feel a strong connection to Preston which we're actively co-creating. I love how Moore Soul Sessions is expanding. I'm proud of how I'm making decisions. I adore the team of ladies I work with. I like how much I'm laughing. I love what I'm saying yes and no to. I'm really growing into myself as a CEO.


And this is all we can hope for. That we do the work of getting to know ourselves by being aware of how we're showing up, surrendering when necessary, and having the courage to pivot to find alignment once more.


Life is a wild and wonderful ride that keeps us full of ourselves.


Call the Full of Herself Life, and leave me a message telling me something true about your day. 614.887.7676.


With Love,

Sarah x