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What Garth Brooks Taught Me

Last Friday, Preston and I spontaneously bought tickets for a Garth Brooks concert that evening in Cincinnati, OH which is two hours away. 

Firstly, I highly recommend being spontaneous. It made me feel as though I was really living.

Secondly, Garth's show was a masterclass in generosity.

My impression was that it wasn't about him. It was about us, and the incredibly talented musicians he plays with - think grammy winners, songwriters, play ten instruments - and that back and forth between us all. I started to write "his" musicians and quickly corrected that wording. They are their own people, after all.

It was a stadium tour so, inside of the NFL Bengals stadium they installed a huge, circular stage that he literally ran around, at 60 years old, while continuing to sing. For reference, I jumped for about 30 seconds and couldn't finish the chorus I was singing. He literally ran his tail off trying to pay homage to every single one of us.

If that wasn't enough, at the end of almost every song Garth looked to the heavens with this look on his face as if he couldn't quite believe that he just got to sing that song and have that exchange with us. 

There was no sign of, this is my 28th show and I'm gonna get the job done. For me, he displayed gratitude and humility at the highest level.

Garth's encore included him and his guitar, no band, getting to every sign in the audience he could. From giving out guitar picks, honoring young men and women serving our country, to singing song requests, he showed up for the people who show up for him.

Thank you, Garth, for your masterclass in generosity. As someone who also takes the stage, I will cherish the leadership you provided and pay that forward. 

And, here's me thinking I was going for a might of music. Well that was pretty great, too.

We never know what miracles are going to come our way.

Trust your instincts, be spontaneous, and see what treasures are yours for the taking.

That was my first Garth show and it wont be my last.

With Love,

Sarah x