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What Does Success Really Mean?

Success isn't defined by the accomplishment of a goal. While you might feel successful having reached that goal, success is more about who you become in the process of reaching that goal.


Think about manifestation. The most important element of manifestation is cultivating the feeling of what you want. The feeling more than the thought creates the form. 


When I was in coaching school, a teacher taught me this tool:

1. What do you want?

2. How would it make you feel to get what you want?

3.  What you really want is the feeling not the thing so focus on doing things that create your desired feeling as often as possible and the thing you want is more likely to come. Plus, you got what you really wanted already i.e. the feeling.


Speaking of feelings, I had a kick-off meeting with my team last week to plan 2023. 


Ahead of the meeting I journaled about what I wanted to keep front and center as we develop a new platform. (Stay tuned because what we're up to is pretty big and we will want your input). Here's what I wrote and shared with the team.


I want to remember that this endeavor isn't about building a platform, landing a podcast interview, making sales, although those are awesome, God, and we want them too. This is about who we're becoming in the pursuit of creating spaces for women to thrive. Who are we becoming because we dream, we write emails, we ask, we collaborate, we have the audacity to create.

How are our yeses, our commitments, our inner God forging us into more of who we were created to be?

We have a responsibility to acknowledge our own limits, to work through them, to free ourselves if we are to free other women. While we want to build a platform and we're a BIG, EXCITED yes to it, we're really building ourselves, one little God block at a time. Alyssa Kuzins wrote, "Do not insult God by dreaming small. Because not only are your problems not too big for God, neither are your dreams."

I pray peace over this endeavor. I pray peace over my fears. I pray peace over your worries. Let's evolve. What we're building on the outside is a mirror to what we're building inside of ourselves."


Whatever your dreams and desires and goals for 2023, remember that who you are becoming in the pursuit of reaching for them is the highest, truest definition of success.



With Love and Go Easy,

Sarah x


p.s. If you are looking for a place to reconnect to your fears and desires and become more whole and present, join us in The Full of Herself Membership. We're a cracking group of women all committed to tapping into our inner power to find peace.