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CEO sitting on a table

Wanna Read my Big Girl Decisions?

I'm frolicking in the fact that I've been making a lot of CEO decisions lately.


I got ma' big girl knickers on for sure.


Here are a few examples:


#1 Deciding to take a 3 month hiatus from the Full of Herself Community.


As a team - a particular shout out to Christina Easton who has been directing our back-end improvements - we have been doing a tremendous amount of work to create a firm foundation for the brand to flourish.

Before we began, I thought we had a firm foundation. I quickly learned that we didn't. 

With everything we've accomplished this year, I've been feeling tired. We have decided to re-launch the Community in the fall and, in order to do that with gusto, we are going to take a 3 month hiatus from it. I want to step back to get re-ignited and we all want to be more mindful of our strategy so we can serve with greatness.


#2 Deciding to drop my book publishing opportunity and self-publish. And, deciding not to pay the extra money for the #1 bestseller launch on Amazon - yes, it's an algorithm game


What did I learn from these decisions about my book? I learned to focus on what's best for me and to let go of comparison. Hello, my favorite question, What do I think? I learned to prioritize our family goal of sending Austin to a new school in August. My instinct is that I want it all. However, financially, it would stress me out to pay for a bestseller launch and private school. I thought about my future self and how to care for her well. I'm proud of that perspective. Read more about my book journey here.


#3 Letting go of someone on my team.

This person is absolutely lovely and I felt that we had come to the end of an era. I wanted her to like me. I had to let go of that desire because it was blocking both of our futures. I did it as gracefully as I could and it was still a little bumpy for me. I decided to accept that fact because I did the best I could.


I cannot emphasize enough the silent work that goes into making decisions like these. The willingness to sit quietly with myself day after day, moment after moment, journaling, meditating, and asking myself the hard questions.


Questions like, What's working? What isn't? I say I want to speak more. Is that even true? Has it become easy to say? Why, when I am presented with a dream opportunity, am I feeling so dis-regulated?

The courage to talk through my thoughts with trusted people, have faith in the process, feel the uncertainty of it all, and trust the next step will be revealed in good time is the process of building. Whether that's a family, a business, an extension on your house or a new wardrobe.


Not many people see our process. That's why I adore being a coach because I have a front row seat to it. It's an absolute privilege. 

I'm tired and beyond grateful for it all. I know I'm maturing because I see evidence of falling in love with the process. 


If you're doing your inner work, you're also a CEO. You're the Chief Engagement Officer because you're choosing to engage with your whole self.


It ain't easy and, today, for me, it's still worth it. How about you?


With Love,

Sarah x  

p.s. If you are local to Columbus and you'd love to be in community with other women who are dedicated to the journey of building themselves, purchase your ticket for June 8th, 2023