Unlocking the Power of Gratitude: How my Anthro Moment Brought me Closer to God

Last week I did a Pump Up Session for Anthropologie.

It was only once I was inside the Anthro store and about to start the session that I realized something important.


I was about to tick something off my bucket list and I hadn't done anything to make it happen.


I have loved Anthropologie from the moment I discovered it in 2005 when I moved to the US. The clothes, the decor, the feel of a store captured my heart. I bought my first set of Anthro bedsheets when I had little more than a free mattress on the floor, a $25 couch purchased from cragislist, plastic knives and forks and a fold-up card table. The sheets cost me almost a whole paycheck.

Whenever my parents visited from Europe it was a running joke to see how quickly Mum and I could make it into Anthro after their plane landed. Sometimes it was on the same day!

When I married Preston we asked for gift cards to Anthro in lieu of presents. When we lived in Philly I reached out to the brand many times - they are headquarted there - to pursue a potential partnership. It never went anywhere.

That was until a few weeks ago when my Mum, who had worked at one of our local Anthro stores for two years, text me and said, "The managers are thinking about hosting a New Year event for us - something like yoga - and I put your name forward to do a pump up session. Would you be willing to do it?" 

I said yes, chatted to the manager about the details, and two weeks later I showed up with my flowers, candles and music to do the session.


It couldn't have been easier.


Five minutes before the session started I took myself into a dressing room to have a quiet moment and center myself. 

I suddenly realized the significance of the moment. I realized that my tootsies (feet) were touching Anthropologie ground. Everything I have just shared with you came flooding back. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt moved by the grace of God. Until that moment I had felt excited to be doing yet another session for a group of women. To see the bigger picture and remember my journey moved me deeply.

As I opened the session I shared with the ladies how special it was to be with them and how much Anthro meant to me. It was a beautiful and intuitive introduction.

This experience reminds me how easy life can be when I get out of the way and allow things to come to me. When I stop wanting things too much I can allow God's grace to work in my life.


Here's to more ease and working with groups of women that light up my soul.

I wish you ease with your desires, too.


With Love,

Sarah x


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