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This Advice Got Me


Boy did I love this juicy bit of perspective I'm about to share with you.


Let me set the stage.


I've been sorting through an assortment of feelings about my worth, my business, what's next in my business, and money. I'm not sure this work ever ends especially when you're in business for yourself and this particular junction feels like an important one.


I have lovingly referred to this ball as "the jumble."


My new coach was challenging my jumble by suggesting that I have conflated the concepts of worth and value. Meaning, how much money I make - the value of my work and the financial exchange around it - has nothing to do with my worth.


I related this idea to having written and published my book, Full of Herself. I've noticed that my credibility has increased because of the perceived change in my value. Suddenly I'm being invited to be a part of things I wasn't previously. Yet, nothing has really changed. I'm still largely the same person I was four months ago before the book came out. To my coach's point, I knew that my worth hadn't altered because I am now an author. Likewise, I'm not a more worthy person because I will earn more money this year than last year.


And then she said this...


"Your credibility has risen. Yes, that's correct. You also, and most importantly, told people how to see you."


"Tell me more," I said, a little confused.


She continued, "You didn't sit back and say, 'I've written this book. I don't know if it's any good.' You stood up and demonstrated pride and confidence in your work. You told people it would help them. You talked about the effort you put in. You promoted yourself. You believed this book could help people. You can't fake that kind of energy and that's why people believe it's a good book without having read it."


"Holy shit," I thought and said. I never thought about it like that. I mouthed the words, trying them on for size. I told people how to see me. That's what I want to do more of in my business and with my coaching services. "Ok, I get it," I said out loud.


In other words, I believed in the value of the book because I knew my worth.


That's our work here on earth. To know our worth. To move through the world with a sense of belonging to ourselves. To like who we are. To proudly talk about who we are and what we're up to.


If you're at a crossroads and feeling jumbled, how can you start telling the world who you are?


Call me on the Full of Herself Honor Line - 614.887.7676 - share a little about your jumble and your answer to this question.



With Love,

Sarah x


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