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The World Needs You


Please remember that your life is about blazing your own trail.

That doesn't mean you have to earn mega bucks, be the best in your profession, write a bestseller or, change a system.

It does mean defining success on your terms, and making sure your values and your actions align.

What is your definition of success?

What are your values? Please, no more than two, and if you know them you can list them confidently and without hesitation. We aren't talking in generalities here.

If you don't know the answers AND you want more from yourself and your life, I submit that you have some work to do. 


- Take the time to get quiet.

- Take the time to journal for ten minutes.

- Take the time to move your body.

- Take the time to attend a coaching experience like The Full of Herself Membership.

- Take the time to seek out a mentor.

- Take the time to reflect on what worked well and what didn't during your day.


Pressing pause - getting off auto-pilot - and getting to know your thoughts and your body more intimately is the gateway to confidence. You get to choose how.

I mean, how great is life when we are thoughtful enough to define success, understand our values, and then go about the work of living them out?

If this is the nudge you have needed to check in with yourself, go ahead and heed the call.

Blazing your trail is a gift from god and I believe you have an obligation to understand your trail if you're in the business of no regrets.

Here's to the inner work,

Sarah x

p.s. I want to brag about Veronica. V, is a Full of Herself member, friend, and extraordinary woman blazing her own trail. I am very inspired by Veronica's life choices. Particularly, I want to say that V is a born leader. She breathes life into our membership family, consistently cheerleads everyone, shares with a piercing honesty that lights me up (and all of us), and I am so grateful for who she is. Three cheers for V!