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The Difference Between Knowledge and Knowing

I'm obsessed with the difference between knowledge v. knowing.

I don't know something until it lives in my bones.

If I know forgiveness only in my head, I don't know forgiveness at all.

Forgiveness, in this case, is nothing more than words.

When I forgive, I know forgiveness. 

We spent this weekend at our brand new lake house. We closed last Thursday, drove up that same day, and spent the long weekend getting to know our new home and town. It was lovely. I'm 100% sure we made the right decision, and it already feels like my happy place. 

I want it to be a space where I slow down and do things a little differently to my life here in Columbus.

- I want the next moment to take me rather than checking the time.

- I want to do crafts and hang out together rather than watching TV.

- Although some TV is good because I love TV.

- I want to sit quietly and watch the lake change shapes and colors.

- I want to be there alone.

Already, it feels like my little escape. 

Here's what I learned that little bit more, that I know another inch deeper in my bones.

Buying a lake house doesn't automatically make me full of joy.

God, I wish it did. A little bit of me hoped that I'd feel excited all weekend without having to lift a spiritual finger. Nope! I still had to get up every morning and do my work; breathwork, journaling, gratitude list, working out, stretching, writing etc., to feel great, because nothing in this life is a fast or free pass to a place where my work is done. Nothing. 

The house and what it represents is awesome. It is also a new normal that I'm adjusting to.

- Calling it home is fantastic and strange.

- Realizing I can come back and all my things will be there is weird and super cool.

- Paying more bills and a mortgage is big girl stuff and induces trust and worry.

- Clearing it out (the previous owners left a lot of stuff) and making it a home is creative and another to-do. 

Because I bought a lake house and woke up with all of my usual worries and thoughts, and then continued doing my work, I know that my work is never done.

Sarah x