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Encouraging you to Take the "C"


Today, I want to encourage you to be ok with getting a C grade.




Since you’re here, I know you tend towards perfectionism.


Perfectionism is a form of armor. You can dress it up as wanting to do your best, being a high-achiever, being detail-oriented etc., but at its core, perfectionism is a defensive move that is about trying to earn approval.


C grades bounce off a perfectionist’s armor, pirouette, bend and shape, ask the questions, learn and grow, and strive to land neatly in the shape of an A.


Am I right?


Constantly getting A’s is unrealistic, and the opposite of vulnerability and courage. It also keeps us from being fully strategic. 


You might say, “Sarah, I know I can’t get A’s all of the time. I don’t even want to.”


Cool, do your actions say the same?


Do you beat yourself up for missing the appointment?

Do you begin emails with, “I’m so sorry…” too often?

Do you should all over yourself?

Do you fill your calendar with meetings to stay productive, to stay on track?

Do you call yourself names?

Are you annoyed with yourself if, in a day, you don’t spend quality time with the kids, do great work, make a good meal, take some time for you, all while the house looks wonderful?

Do you feel like you're not allowed to be frustrated because your life is so wonderful?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re striving for too many A’s my friend.


As James Baldwin said, I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do.


For the love of God, take the C and be ok with it.


A sustainable C is much more rewarding, and important, than an A on the way to burnout-town.


I’m not saying don’t do your best. I am saying that a C is your best version of you, everyday, in some area of your life.


A C is a way to stand tall.

A C is confidence.

A C is liberating.

A C means consistency.

A C is a means to being full of yourself.


With Love,

Sarah xxxx