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Success is Not Owned, It's......

I recently heard these words by Rory Vaden at The Summit of Greatness:


Success is never OWNED;

Success is only RENTED - 

And the rent is Due Every day.


What do you think you own that you're actually renting?


I now believe I'm renting everything.  

I rent my body for this lifetime.

I rent my child (he was never mine to own).

I rent connection and love and belonging with all of the people, important to me and not.

I rent my life.

I rent my recovery.

I rent my house (even though I own it - no mortgage).

I rent my marriage.


The payment everyday is doing my work. Reflection, journaling, movement, breathwork, Al Anon meetings, calling my sponsor, being clear about my mission......Your work, whatever that is for you, gets you closer to the purest, most unencumbered version of you. That version of you has the best shot at living into who you were made to be.

In doing my work I lead, that little bit more, with integrity, humility, courage, vulnerability, and patience.

This concept reminds me of recovery. An addict gets a reprieve for 24 hours and then we start again because the rent is due everyday. 

Tell me how this idea helps you or hurts you.


Sarah x