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Stop Preaching This Motivational Quote

Whoever preaches, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” is talking absolute bollocks. 

It’s one of these motivational sayings that leads people astray.

Firstly, life isn’t supposed to be easy.

Secondly, being human can be hard.

Have you ever tried to have a difficult conversation and it went south and you lost your shit? That’s hard.

Have you ever had a difficult conversation and it went well and you’re emotionally spent? That’s hard.

Have you had your heart broken? That’s hard.

Have you tried to get out of bed after hitting the snooze button 3 times? That’s hard.

Has someone you loved died? That’s hard. 

Have you ever tried to be a nice, kind human when beneath the surface your squirrel brain is all-consuming and you’re just trying to make it through? That’s hard.

Have you survived a killer workout thinking you couldn’t do one more squat and crunch? That’s hard. 

You might also use other adjectives besides hard to describe these experiences. That’s appropriate. Life is never just one thing.

Whether or not you do something you love, life is going to be hard. 

Vulnerability is the core of all emotions and its’ very definition is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. 

So, basically feeling is hard.

The work of being in relationship to ourselves and others is what we are trying to master. In the workplace, we refer to that work as SOFT SKILLS. It’s anything but soft. It can be hard as heck.

When it gets hard, if you do the work that comes with the opportunity, you build resilience. 

I want to acknowledge that falling apart can also be the work because you’ve been holding on too tightly.

Here’s a more complete piece of advice that better prepares people for the challenges of life. 

“Do something you love and you’re doing the hard work of becoming a better version of you.” 

I would rather do work I love, and I recognize the great privilege of being able to do so.

Either way, it’s work.


With Love,

Sarah x