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I'm Sick of this Phrase


I wholeheartedly believe that when I create something it’s for me first—create being the operative word. I wrote my book for myself and to take on a goal I have had for more than two decades.


I write to know myself better, to retrace my story, to learn, and to heal. You’ll notice that helping you is secondary to helping me.


I ask myself many times while creating something, Is this any good? Am I talking about the right things, striking a chord?


And then I get to remind myself that, as long as I'm doing my best, whether or not anyone likes it or cares is none of my business. My only business is to remember that I care and to keep writing.


When I say, “It’s about me first,” what I mean is that it’s about my internal world and the ways in which the work will change me, fulfill me, and heal me.


I get sick of hearing coaches, healers, social workers, and therapists say, “I just want to help people.”


I’m not a coach primarily to help my clients. I’m a coach first and foremost because it’s the work that is in alignment for me. It’s in alignment because it’s healing for me, and it’s fun.


Another way I might say this is that it’s God’s work, meaning that I express the best of myself through being a coach. Helping others is secondary.


Saying it's about me first isn't a common opinion to express. My clients trust me because I tell the truth and because I help them develop the courage to share theirs.


If I approached my work solely to help people, over time, I would experience resentment and burnout. I also wouldn’t be modeling the work—to be self-reflective, to ask the hard questions, to dedicate time to my healing and evolution, to set boundaries, to understand myself.



These are the behaviors I look for in a coach I want to hire. I’m much more interested in who I observe someone to be than what they can do and their credentials. In other words, do I want what they have?


I brag that I want what I have in the way I wrote and published my book and in the way I practice deep self-reflection.


I love partnering with women who have been where I have been. They're high-achieving, feeling fuzzy about their career because the pressure to do it all is heavy, and they desire to move forward with absolute clarity rather than second-guessing and beating themselves up.


I want you to know that you too can get clear about the why behind your what. By booking a free session with me you'll start to gather some of the very tools I use and have shared with thousands of women for the last decade to make decisions with ease. You might start expressing uncommon opinions and finding your voice all while feeling comfortable because you'll know who you are and love your truth. No more having to hide or wonder if you're enough. #audacious


What do you do that expresses the best of who you are?


Bonus question: What do you do that you thought was for other people and how does that change your view of it and yourself?




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With Love,

Sarah x