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Reflections From a Police Training

Preston and I have delivered a training to new recruits at the Columbus Police Academy three times in the last eight months about mental health and addiction.

Last week was our third visit.

- I pointed out my cute accent.

- I told them that I just bought a lake house.

- I bragged about the wonderful clients I work with in a career that gives me purpose.

- I told them that I like who I am.

- I said that I have a husband I love and we've worked on that love for 17 years.

I also told them that four years ago I was huddled inside a closet, in the dark, wanting to die. Read more about my experience here.

You see, nothing on the outside matters if we aren't good on the inside. 

What good is helping others if I don't know how to help myself? My lake house matters little if I don't know how to enjoy it.


I marveled at myself this weekend, while at the lake alone, at how much I love my own company. I spent a lot of time alone as a young woman. Then, after being out of the habit, it felt daring, unknown, and scary. I'm happy to see that changing. 


After sharing my truth with the police recruits I didn't sleep well for two days. In part, I felt vulnerable, and Preston takes up a lot of space in a room.

I do know that there is power in sharing our story from a place of healing. I did just that and I'm proud of doing so. 

In the words of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye, a show I love, "There is nothing more sexy than somebody demonstrating inner courage."

I want to remind you that having the courage to get to know yourself and share your truth in an appropriate way is sexy as hell.


I'm grateful to share these messages with you every week.


With love,

Sarah x