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Ready to Love This One Thing?

You are lovely. Do you know that to be true about yourself?

Let me ask you another hard question?

If was to ask you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

If I was asked to name all the things I love I don't believe I would have named myself.

That awareness stops me in my tracks. 

I would have talked about travel, ice-cream, being close to water, tan lines, my son and husband, my home, design........

Now that I know better, you best believe I would name myself close to the top of that list if not first. 

For what do we have if we don't have a loving, intimate relationship with ourselves?

Matthew McConaughey talked about how he's always had an innate sense of loving himself well, and first, in a great podcast interview with Lewis Howes. 

This is the work we are doing here, my friend. The work of becoming full of ourselves; of loving who we are especially when we feel unlovable. 

Get busy adding yourself to your list of things you love. Nothing is more important.

What's your first step going to be?  Share with me below in the comments!


With Love,

Sarah x