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Praise the People Around You

A friend and member of our Full of Herself Community told me today:

"When I first joined I was unsure of speaking up in groups. Inside of the community I have found the courage to share about all aspects of my life. I've learned what safety is and that I can trust myself. I have been able to take that skill and apply it to other areas of my life and it has transformed the way I live."

Do you know how good it is to hear that feedback? 

We need positive feedback to thrive.

In our increasingly isolated existences, giving feedback is vital. We underestimate its' ripple effect. 

Being full of ourselves means helping each other find the audacity to love who we are.

Here's an idea for this week...

Let someone in your life know how they have touched you. Get into the details. Be exuberant and heartfelt in your praise.

If and when they shirk off your generosity - so many of us do this -  stand quietly and firmly and repeat, "I appreciate you and I'm so grateful to tell you that."  Don't get sucked into their discomfort.

Week in week out our loving community is helping women to find their voices. If you struggle with self-doubt and you want a safe place to grow into yourself and let go of your fear, join us.


With Love,