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Please Answer What You're Most Proud Of

With great delight, because it's been one heck of a year for me and because I'm about to take 12 days off, this will be the last blog of the year. 


As I prepare to share a recap of the year with the Moore Soul Sessions team, I am most proud of how much I have grown in the areas of courage and resilience.


The question I offer you is this:


What are you most proud of in 2023?


If you're only willing to take a few minutes for reflection, at least take the time to answer that question.


Most people will not take any time for reflection. Don't be one of them. It slows your growth and hinders your ability to get the results you really want. 


As for me, I've had the courage to do something totally new which was write, edit, publish and sell a book. I even created my own publishing company to make it easier for other people to succeed in finishing the book they've been dreaming about. 


My capacity for balancing multiple ideas and holding them open in my brain has increased tremendously. While I still get overwhelmed, I am very clear that it happens to me less quickly these days.  


I've learned to do exactly what I talk about in Full of Herself, which is to prioritize my opinion about myself the most. I am more comfortable trusting my instincts over how we share on social, what our next strategy is, what I want to say. I can't imagine how much more I will trust myself in 10 years. That's what excites me about aging.


One of my favorite leadership tenets is, "The best learning doesn't come from experience. It comes from reflecting on the experience." 


While the team and I take time to reflect on what's happened this year, I encourage you to do the same.


Slow down, savor all you've done and become. Witness your inner journey and your outer journey so that where you're headed becomes even clearer. You're worth it.


Thank you for another wonderful year of reading this blog and supporting the Full of Herself movement. We're just getting started 


With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. Leave me a message on the Full of Herself Honor Line telling me what you're most proud of. 614.887.7676