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Personal Journal Entry from a Life Coach

Journaling is one of the best ways I know to engage my body in the healing process.

I have been working with a lady out of Nashville who combines breath work and forgiveness. It's pretty intense and exactly the kind of medicine I crave. It's so much more than talking.

My next forgiveness practice is on myself and I've been taking my time getting started. This context will help you understand my journaling excerpt from this morning.


This forgiveness process is lurking. It's a good thing, too, because the pain, the discomfort is mounting. It's a bit like the 4th step - I took my time starting that. It's ok. I'm ok. I need want to trust the process. The difference between need and want is something I'll add to the book. It's great to have my own space [Austin is away with his grandparents for a week]. I love it! I'm grateful to sit back for a few minutes and soak in life. Reflect on where I am, what I'm thinking, take pause. I could be hard on myself and feel as though I'm moving slowly [this morning]. That isn't true. Can I bask in going slower, in rest, in the fact that I can? What a luxury. What luxuries do I have? My life is built around my schedule, my desires. I do work that I love. My family is healthy, as am I. All my bills are paid. I have a beautiful home. My pantry is full of great food. My wardrobe is filled with beautiful clothes. Every drawer and cupboard is filled with everything I need and MORE! Wow. How blessed am I? Very. Beyond belief. What matters? My serenity. That's the only thing. How delightful a reminder. I needed this time. Hi God.

What matters to you,?

Prioritize that.