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Are you in the Ring?

Every woman I work with wants to feel more comfortable in her own skin, more assured of her ability to use her voice, more trusting of herself and her decisions.

Call it confidence, call it juicy, call it executive it what resonates with you. 

What's more important is that "feeling" you get when you're in your ideal state. 

That feeling will lead you far.

Let me share a personal story.


I was at an Oprah event, in 2013, and a group of people was dancing in the hallway at the end of the day. One by one, with a DJ off to the side, each person claimed their space in the middle of the circle and danced. 

They seemed so free. 

I wanted to dive in, but I couldn't get my feet to move. I came up with stories such as how stupid I'd look, or, I'm not as cool as I think I am, or, I'll go in a minute. 

I couldn’t stop the stories.

I didn’t know how to be in relation to the stories.

This experience was a small, and significant moment in my life. 

I walked away feeling frustrated and ashamed that I couldn't get into the circle.

We come face to face with our own version of that circle on a regular basis. Moments where we want to dive in, and instead, we pull back.

I have become very attuned to that pulled-back feeling, which is my cue to get in the ring. 


I’ve played the tape all the way through enough times to know that the pain of pulling back is often greater than diving in.

I'm not willing to put myself through that angst.

Today, it’s not only about the stories in my head. It’s about listening to my body. She speaks to me. I understand the pull towards desire and discernment. I know when I’m feeling afraid. I know what the aftermath feels like if I couldn’t find the courage to dive in. 

I don’t want to stress out my future self, any more than necessary, by choosing to create feelings that will be more harmful than helpful. That knowing, that anticipation of the feeling to come, gives me courage.

I can’t describe the feeling, and yet I know it well. It’s my GPS. And, sometimes it’s elusive because I’m human. The Pump Up Session helps me get out of my head and into my body every single week. Have you joined us yet?

Remember, building muscle memory takes time.

Does this resonate? Do you know that feeling? Do you trust it?

With so much love,

Sarah x