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This makes me feel proud.

Oooh, This Makes Me Proud


I coach so many women who want to learn how to trust themselves. If you resonate with that sentiment, this story is for you.


This week I watched myself have an idea, say no for now, and purposefully plant it to watch it bloom in the future.


Oh my god, do I feel mature!


I am a "let's go" type of person, especially when it comes to travel and adventure. Full of Herself tells many stories of my wild antics.


While I love my spontaneous nature, I've also learned that it has a shadow side.


Sometimes, while making the pieces fit together (money and time mostly), I ignore the fact that I'm creating more stress than adventure.


In short, I'm trying too hard.


Yesterday was proof that I've finally learned how to let an idea marinate. Go me!!


My friend is looking for someone to look after her home in Hawaii for three weeks in the summer.


I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and summer is convenient because Austin is off school and my schedule is more relaxed.


My wheels started to spin. Hmm, could we make this work?


Almost as soon as I shared the idea out loud with my Mum, I recognized that it didn't feel right. I liked the plan already in place. We're going to our lake house for the month of July and Austin is most likely going to Texas in August.


To continue honoring my curiosity however, I did a quick google of flights to Hawaii. As I added up the amount of money I would want to have to take this trip comfortably and really enjoy ourselves, it felt outside of our current budget.


Making decisions that feel easy is a hallmark of how I keep my nervous system regulated and retain my serenity.


Going to Hawaii didn't sound or feel easy.


I started doing a little mental gymnastics thinking about taking this money from there and....nope, I knew immediately that I was working too hard to make it work and that didn't make me feel good.


Feeling good is what I'm after as often as possible.


Also, mental gymnastics is a red flag.


Instead of feeling down on myself because I wasn't getting what I wanted, I thought, "Oooh, I want to do this. This could be really fun next year." I left a message for my friend asking if she would reach out to me directly next time they need a house-sitter.


By reaching out to my friend, I created momentum around going to Hawaii. I put Hawaii in motion, you might say. And, both Preston and I said we wanted to go earlier, and therefore longer, so we could spend time with our friends before they leave. That felt like a little dollop of added abundance.


We can learn to trust ourselves by paying attention to the gut feelings that are speaking to us all the time.


The trick is to develop the practice of getting quiet enough and often enough to listen.


Self-awareness is not that complicated, but when we're in our messy jumble of thoughts trying to figure out up from down, it can feel impossible to know what's the next right thing to do.


That's where I come in. If you schedule a free coaching session with me, I'll help you get clarity on what's actually important. This way, you can get back to trusting yourself and feeling lighter.


I'm so proud of noticing how I'm changing and growing and I love acknowledging the progress I'm making. It's one of the things that makes me smile and feel good.


With Love,

Sarah x