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One Way to Stop Your Messy Thoughts

One way to crystallize your thoughts is to put pen to paper.

10 minutes of journaling time can clear your messy thoughts and give clarity room to breathe. 

Even if journaling or writing isn't your favorite thing, stick with me, because creative expression, however that may look for you, is at the heart of this message.

This weekend, while Preston and I were away at a rustic country cabin celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary, I read a copy of The Magnolia Journal cover to cover. I loved it so much that I asked for a subscription to it for Mother's Day.

In the magazine, Joanna wrote this beautiful piece about journaling and it moved me so much that I knew I wanted to share it with you. 

Study your hands for a moment. Rub your fingers together. Uncap your pen and feel that beat of anticipation as your hand draws close to the page. Note if your thoughts arrange themselves in a slightly different way or your mind unravels sentences at a more purposeful pace. All of it leading to the thrill of seeing your ideas appear in front of you. From heart to mind to hand to paper. 

With the act of writing comes a bold release. What might have felt stuck or unformed - thoughts jumping around inside of our minds - now are free. In letting the words out, one by one, we receive a much-needed reminder. YES, this sentence should be expressed. YES, these ideas deserve to see the light of day. And from there, we affirm a larger truth - that what bubbles up from within us is worthy.  

In simply writing the words, there is no guarantee. Not of greatness or eloquence - there is not even the promise that what is said will always be something that we, ourselves, love. But that was never the journey, never the point. It is. the act of writing. It is recording our truths as we know them today - in this hour, in this minute. It is being bold, growing confidence, and remaining committed to the daily journey of becoming. With no fear of failure, no looking back.

- I am so moved to think about my words being a bold release.

- I am so moved that I have permission to not like what I write and to know that the thought itself, and I, have worth.

- I am so moved to think that in being willing to write, my confidence grows and I continue to become.

What moved you?