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What if you Only had ONE Expectation of Your Partner?


The more comfortable you are in relationship to other people, the more comfortable you feel with yourself.

Let’s talk about the most important relationship in your life; your partnership.

What expectations do you have of your partner?

Are you starting to rattle off a list in your head?

I know I want the following:

To feel loved and supported, to feel heard, to feel safe, to be a team player in the management of our household, to share similar values, to have the hard conversations.

What if you could have an amazing relationship and have only ONE expectation of each other? 

How would one expectation simplify your life?

How could one expectation help you stop overthinking?

SARK, a pioneer of transformative healing through creativity, and Dr. John Waddell’s book, Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love More Often talks of this one expectation:


“That, at the end of the day, my partner is glad to see me walk through the door.”


I breathe deeply and relax at this idea.

It’s beautiful and complete.

This one expectation removes all of the meaning that I apply to our interactions. Most of that meaning, by the way, is hurtful to us both.

How could this nugget transform your relationship, or any relationship in your life?


Share your answer below.

Much Love,

Sarah xxx


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