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My Growth is Remarkable

How much can your nervous system handle?


There was a time when mine could only handle a small amount of things, especially in my coaching business.

If I was hosting an event like I am this Friday evening, the energetic lift of it would have been my primary focus all week. I wouldn't have booked other calls or meetings because I didn't have the capacity to hold space for more commitments. I needed that week to get my mind right and to settle into a rhythm of how to lead the event.


It's pretty wonderful to see how far I've come. It's also pretty wonderful to see the disconnect between my big dreams and what my nervous system could actually handle. No wonder so many things felt hard!


The fact that today I can chair my Al-Anon meeting for the month of February, show up to our Al-Anon business meetings and take minutes and distribute them because I'm the secretary, lead a robust meeting with my team, network with several people to plan future events and collaborations, continue to edit my book, show up for 10 coaching sessions and lead an event on Friday night, and a million little things in between, BLOWS. MY. MIND!


It makes me smile with delight at how far I've come.

It makes me grateful for the work I continue to do to feel full of myself.

It makes me appreciate what I could do then and what I can do now. Both are lovely.


What can you handle today that you couldn't imagine having handled in the past?

Reach out to me to brag about your growth. I'd love to hear from you.



With Love,

Sarah x


p.s. If you live in Columbus and your nervous system feels like it's in overdrive, come and relax with us on March 7th. Or, forward this message to a friend.