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My Family Is Not My Whole Life


My kid isn't my life.


My husband isn't my life.


They can't be. They're not supposed to be.


Let's be honest, when you're alone, and I'm not just talking about when you do a Target run and you're in heaven that nobody's bugging you, do you feel a bit anxious because you don't know what to do with yourself?


I want to enjoy my own company so much that when I'm alone I feel great.


The whole point of parenting is to prepare my child to grow up and live his own life.


You might be nodding your head resoundingly whether or not you're a parent, yet when was the last time you took yourself out on a date?


When was the last time you cooked a meal that you really like instead of catering to your family?


How often do you do something fun in your own home like paint, or kick your feet up and read a good book instead of cleaning and folding someone else's laundry?


I get it.


I feel the anxiety of, who am I and what makes me feel good, too. I wonder if I'm brave enough to go to a salsa party, start speaking Spanish again or pull over and look around the new store that caught my eye.


Almost every woman I have coached is unclear about who she is without all of the identities she has layered of top of her pure essence.


I know different phases of our lives require different things from us - young children vs. grown children, professionally content vs. in a career transition, as examples.


Even with our different demands, I want you to be really honest with yourself and ask, "How much do I enjoy my own company and make time to develop a relationship with myself?"


This isn't about theory, it's about practice. If you agree with me that your family can't be your life, examine if how you're living reflects that belief.


If you see any gaps, I invite you to schedule a free coaching session with me. We'll explore what's missing and what lights you up so you can start taking back control of your life.


Let me be clear. I want you to love spending time with your family.


It's just that there's a big difference between your family being your life and adding to your life.


If you'd like added inspiration on how to find the audacity to love who you are, join me for my next live event on May 21st.


With Love,

Sarah x