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Modesty is not a Girl's Best Friend

Please stop being modest.

It's boring, antiquated, and bad advice.

Modesty comes from the Latin, modestus, meaning "keeping within measure."

A quick Google search reveals modesty to mean, "the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities."

Being measured and unassuming is not a recipe for a life well lived.

Be confident within reason.

Be sexy, but not so that you attract too much attention.

Share your dreams and goals but not in a way that will offend others.

For God's sake, don't be too much. 

You might not describe yourself as modest yet your actions say otherwise.

You say “I’m sorry,” too much.

You buy your wardrobe from Kohl's.

You need a 5 year plan.

You pretend you can avoid difficult conversations.

You try to control everything.

Stop prioritizing modesty and start prioritizing being bold. 

Share your ideas.

Wear the double-breasted, bubblegum pink suit.

Listen to the whispers and create adventures.

Shake your butt in Target when you hear "Sexy Thing."

Say, “I’m struggling a bit this morning. How about you?” 

Screw modesty. I encourage you to be bold with your life.

I think humility is a vital part of being bold.

Glennon Doyle quotes Maya Angelou in her book, Untamed. It's one of my favorites lines in the book. She writes, "Modesty is a learned affectation. You don't want modesty, you want humility. Humility comes from the inside out."

Glennon then writes, "Playing dumb, weak and silly is a disservice to yourself and to me and to the world. Every time you pretend to be less than you are, you steal permission from other women to exist fully. Don't mistake modesty for humility. Modesty is a giggly lie. An act. A mask. A fake game. We have no time for it."

Keep being bold.

Keep being humble, and let modesty fall to the wayside.

I'll share more about humility next week.

To you shining brightly,

Sarah x