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I've Been Lying To You


For years, I've been sharing my struggles and vulnerably walking you through the lessons and tools to help make our lives better.


I've been shying away from telling you how great my life really is.


That's because I'm only just understanding both the depth of my struggles and the possibilities for ease.


Of course, it's important to share the struggles AND it's also more vulnerable and real to share how great my life is.


This aligns with Brené Brown's research, which I've been quoting for years, that says joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel.


My clients hire me because they're drawn to my energy and positivity. Yet, I've been hiding the very thing that makes me feel successful; the me that's full of myself.


My coach brought to my attention that I've been using learning as a way to stay small. Meaning, I had a fixed mindset about growth. I was unconsciously living with the belief that my learning had to be perfect in order to feel awesome. In other words, if I wasn't nailing being the CEO of my business, for example, then I believed I was falling short and worse, there was something wrong with me. Today, I'm not drawing these conclusions.


I've learned that I can be nailing my CEO role AND have a lot to learn. I know that mastery lies in the process. I'm no longer in the business of diminishing my own worth and thereby creating so-called problems that then need fixing. All that fixing distracted me from simply being myself and letting my life be good.


Can you relate to feeling like you're not enough and secretly thinking you suck?


We use disclaimers to undermine our success all the time. When someone said to me, "Cute dress," while at a party this weekend, I responded with, "Target," but only because it toned-down my fabulousness and made me seem more normal. (Not because Target is fabulous)


You don't have to subscribe to the notion that life is always hard, that connection happens through commiseration or that you need to do things perfectly and avoid mistakes in order to be successful.


I want you to know that my life is amazing, I'm amazing, and I'm doing the work to let it be that. That's exactly what I'm helping my clients believe too. I'm going to continue to share my struggles AND many more 'full of myself' moments.


I know you are amazing, too. The question is, How can you let your life be good?


Let me help you. Schedule your free coaching session and we'll identify some mindset tweaks that can help you feel successful from the inside out. Because you don't secretly suck. You have never have. Together we'll rewrite that story so you can have your success cake, eat it AND enjoy it, too. Ooh la la! Can my life really be that good?, you may be asking. Yes, it can!



With Love,

Sarah x