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A woman leaning on a counter.

Is There Anything Wrong With You?


I watched this reel and its message has stuck with me.


The main message is, 'Why do we tell women they need fixing when what we need to fix is the system'.


Fixing things like pay equity, paid leave for child-rearing, having more flexibility in our schedules, and affordable childcare.


Sometimes I feel like I need fixing. I'll muddle over thoughts like, Why do I think I'm a piece of shit because I'm not making more money? What's wrong with me that I'm nervous about having this hard conversation with my partner? Why do I seem to be the only one who has a problem with the way my friend is handling this situation? Can you relate?


After watching this reel, the last thing I want to do, through my work as a coach, is make other women feel like they need fixing. It could seem like that is what a coach does.


Well, not this coach.


The truth is, we're not fixing anything. Because nothing about you was broken in the first place.


Maybe that's why the reel hit me between the eyes.


Because I was being reminded that I'm not broken and I don't need fixing either.


I'm lovable because I exist. Just like you. (Check out this blog I wrote about who we are without our labels.)


Now, of course, I believe in self-responsibility. I believe in looking at what isn't working and seeing what changes you might make internally and externally. I believe in having a clear understanding of what is working and playing to your strengths. I believe in celebrating the wins and fostering fun and adventure. I believe in honesty and surrender.


As I write this, I'm thinking that none of this seems like fixing. Instead, it sounds like getting clarity, developing our mindset, planning strategically, and taking committed action. That is the basis of a joyful partnership where we explore and develop your humanity.


If you're looking for a fulfilling partnership in which you re-learn how to stop fixing yourself and remember how to be full of yourself, book your free coaching session.


Because you're not broken, my friend. You never were and you never will be.


With Love,

Sarah x