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How Often do you say No?

Is there a dream you have for your life? An idea that's been sitting with you for weeks, years, or decades?

Something you envisage creating, somewhere you want to live, a skill you want to acquire?  

Among many dreams, one that's prominent for me right now is writing a book.

I have started writing her, I am finding my way with her - or maybe she's finding her way with me -and I am committed to finishing her. In fact, just yesterday, I was toying with the idea of giving myself a deadline. Perhaps, the end of July to finish my first draft. Gosh, I think I'm making that commitment to you. Ok, I guess that's official! 

Please email me and cheer me on.

I have started saying no to most things that don't support this effort.

In particular, I said no to a panel that I was asked to speak on. While it would support my other goal of growing the membership, I had to admit that I am spreading myself too thin.

Until now, I've tended to say yes to most everything, with some discernment, because the entrepreneurial journey has required that of me, in a lot of ways. 

I'm seeing clearly that I can't focus on growing the membership and write my book, at the same time. I will run myself ragged in the process.

That said, it's always both. I will never stop growing the membership because it means so much to me and I know it's a powerful place for women to experience the change they desire. I can also choose to focus intentionally on CREATING my book and have that be my main priority. 

Sure, the panel is one hour of my time. I could have said yes, and doing so would not have been a bad decision. 

What's more true for me is that I have a finite amount of CREATIVITY AND ENERGY and I want to spend it where it counts the most right now.

So, Full of Herself - that's her name - it's you and me, baby. Insert coy giggle.

I think no is a valuable tool in your arsenal. Use it with discernment and you'll start to enjoy saying it because it will be proof that you're on your way to your dreams becoming real.