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How I Responded to a Compliment

This morning, at my Al Anon meeting, a friend said, "You look like a party." 

My immediate response was, "I often feel like a party."


I marveled at myself.

How glorious to feel like a party.


Feeling like a party is the gift of our self awareness work. 

To feel like a party is to be full of oneself.

While feeling like a party can be big and loud, it can also feel like contentment. When I'm content with who I am, I'm in a place of peace and sanity. When I'm peaceful and sane I have options. Options to respond however I want based on the moment. To me, options equal freedom, and freedom feels like a party.

Whether you're feeling slow today like I am, making a mistake, or hitting your stride, I hope you have at least one moment in which you feel like a party.

You deserve that.


And if you don't know what that could even feel like, or you want more of it, join us in The Full of Herself Membership. We'll show you the way.


With Love,

Sarah x