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How do you Deal with Failure?

I want to brag about Heather. 

Heather continues to breathe life into me as a friend and former client - I was the client. She sends me sweet messages. This week's was entitled, you are AMAZING. The message read, 

Just a note to say you are the and this world is better because of your powerful work. Keep being you - you are a gift Sarah Moore!

I see Heather being brave, winning, shining, and scraping her knees consistently. Her NFT's for Newbies podcast is literally blowing up and creating wealth for her family. This is no surprise because Heather has been dedicated to the process of creating for years and years and is one talented gal with a lot of heart.

In the Membership last week, I asked the question, Who did you elevate?

Thank you, Heather, for elevating me. You are special and your influence is weaved into the fabric of Moore Soul Sessions.


For this week's blog I want to tell you a little story about FAILURE.

In January of 2021 I launched the Free to Be Me Challenge. At the end of the challenge I launched a mastermind for ten women. Well, it never really launched because nobody signed up. 

Here's the crazy part.

The very day that the doors closed to the mastermind, with ZERO participants, after a week of worrying and fretting and being optimistic and following up like a ninja, I realized that I had gained TEN new individual clients in those same seven days!

I initially thought, well that's cool, until Preston said, didn't you want ten clients in your mastermind? And the dots started to join.

Until that moment I had the seen the individual clients and the lack of clients in the mastermind as two separate events.

Not so at all.

I could have easily felt as though the challenge and mastermind launch were a failure because the end result looked different than I had hoped it would.  

I could have focused on what didn't work.

As I stepped back and saw the beauty of the facts I realized that I had reached my goal; ten clients plus one on the eighth day, so eleven in total, came into my world. I was giddy. In fact, I called Heather and celebrated this extraordinary insight.


Here's what I learned from this "failure."

- It's wonderful to have a goal. I need to be flexible in its' pursuit.

- I have no idea how things are going to work out so I do my best to enjoy the adventure of what could be, and see the synchronicities.

- Focusing on what's working is energizing.

- When I work hard and I'm in alignment, life creates opportunities. I need to doing enough personal work to be able to see them.

- Failure is subjective.


How do you typically deal with failure? How might this experience help you think about it differently?


With so much love,

Sarah x