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How do I Rate my Happiness?

There are approximately 8 billion people in the world. 

On a scale of 1-8 billion where would you rate your sense of peace and contentment today?

I love this question because it gives me a good ol' dose of perspective.  It helps me to take off my blinkers and see how good I really have it. 

For example, my answer in this moment would be 7.8 million. That's extraordinarily high. 

When I really think about my life in the context of the world, I realize that I have so much and am so at peace with who I am. I love who I am. I have my health and literal peace, as do all my loved ones. I've just completed a big and wonderfully creative project. I love who I am surrounded by and I am proud of the decisions I'm making.

Well, hallelujah if that question didn't just turn around my thinking!

If you love powerful questions to help you build a more intimate relationship with yourself, and you're not sure what questions to ask, we made an exclusive Full of Herself Workbook, available to download when you purchase Full of Herself. It has over 100 questions just like this one. It's an awesome resource. 

Finding the audacity to love who you are is the most beautiful gift you could ever give yourself.

We get there by doing our work. So, go ahead and really answer this question and see what you learn about yourself. 


Call the Full of Herself Honor Line 614.887.7676 and share your answer with me and what made you choose it.


With Love,

p.s. A massive thank you to everyone who bought Full of Herself, sent love, tagged me online when reading it and receiving it, and who came to the book launch party. We're all creating a movement together. Let's do this!