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Guess What We Surprised My Son With



This is a fun blog to write.


For my son's 8th birthday we bought a plane ticket for him to fly to Texas, by himself, to see Preston's family. He leaves in two weeks and will be there for a week.


Here's how this came to be.


Austin's birthday is on March 1st. In mid-February, on the way home from school, I asked him to dial in what he wanted as a gift.


He said, "Mum, I'd like to go to Texas." He gave a little giggle-snort after he said it, I think because it sounded so unlikely. He has a cousin who is the same age so it makes it extra fun to visit.


Now here's where it gets interesting.


I could have easily dismissed his idea for a whole number of reasons. He's too young. Nobody flies on their own at 8. It's too expensive. It sounds extravagant. A "yeah right, buddy" kinda attitude.


I flew for the first time by myself when I was ten so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility for me to seriously consider Austin's idea.


What we're exposed to matters.


Austin had also wanted a birthday party at the local ice-skating rink which, as it turns out, and I had this thought almost immediately when he posed the idea of Texas, was about the same price as the plane ticket.




That night, in the spirit of being open, I searched plane tickets, cross-checked the calendar, called my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and, by golly, things easily fell into place.


Everybody was excited and two days later I booked the ticket.


I'll say this over and over again for you, and for myself. When decisions feel easy, I know I have released control. I know I'm in God's will, not my own.


I was just as excited to gift this trip to Austin as he was to receive it.


Why? Because I lived into and created the possibility of what could be. I didn't let logic or limiting beliefs, or, frankly, an inability to dream, dampen my vision.


This is what I'm helping people to do as a coach every day.


My clients hire me because, while they are day-dreaming about what their lives could be, they also feel overwhelmed and chaotic as they try to figure out what makes sense and what doesn't. Together, we shape these ideas and make them make sense whether that means ditching them, re-shaping them, or being audacious and going for it in a way that feels good. Do you remember the story about this phrase in my book?


So, my boy is off to Texas and Preston and I have planned a week at the lake house.


What an incredible leadership opportunity he's about to embark upon.


Let's remember that adventure lives within each of us and it's important to honor it for ourselves and others. Life can change on a dime, good and bad, so let's do our part to nurture our adventures.


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Keep exploring what it means to be full of yourself.


With Love,

Sarah x